Luke Combs’ heartfelt ‘Fathers & Sons’ has arrived

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Luke Combs‘ long-awaited album of dad songs, Fathers & Sons, has arrived.

The personal 12-track project is stacked with songs about fatherhood, life and raising a youngin’. While its storytelling highlights the universal father-son relationship, Luke also lets his experience as a touring artist and family man come through, as evidenced on the album opener, “Front Door Famous.”

Elsewhere, “Little Country Boys” paints a picture of father and son bonding together, and the faith-inspired “Plant a Seed” chronicles a dad imparting life lessons to his son.

“True love and the gospel/ Might take a while to blossom/ But you dig down in that garden and you plant ’em anyways/ Just let God be the farmer, he’s got the sun and water/ It’s up to him to let ’em bloom/ And let ’em see the light of day,” Luke sings in the verse of “Plant a Seed.”

“Oh, time ain’t always your friend/ It starts slow and gets faster towards the end/ So fill up your heart with love, pass it on before you go/ And thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow,” he continues in the chorus, highlighting the gift of leaving a legacy behind.

Fathers & Sons is available now wherever you get music.

Luke’s latest single is “Ain’t No Love in Oklahoma,” which you can find on Twisters: The Album, out July 19.

To see Luke on his ongoing Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour, head to

Here’s the track list for Fathers & Sons:

“Front Door Famous”
“In Case I Ain’t Around”
“Huntin’ by Yourself”
“Little Country Boys”
“Whoever You Turn Out to Be”
“Remember Him That Way”
“The Man He Sees in Me”
“All I Ever Do is Leave”
“Plant a Seed”
“Ride Around Heaven”
“My Old Man Was Right”
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

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