Nashville notes: Fresh tracks from Kassi Ashton, Dylan Marlowe + more

Kassi Ashton has released a new track, “I Don’t Wanna Dance.” Of the song, Kassi says, “It doesn’t matter how good the band is, how long the bartender has been perfecting her margarita recipe, or how hot the cowboy is who’s offering, I don’t wanna dance if I ain’t dancing with you.” Kassi’s current single, “Called Crazy,” is now in the top 50 of the country charts.

Dylan Marlowe‘s tapped rapper Yung Gravy for a fresh version of his single “Boys Back Home.” The original version, featuring Dylan Scott, is currently in the top 40 and ascending the country charts.

Annie Bosko has teamed with country icon Dwight Yoakam for a new duet, “Heart Burn.” “Dwight is not only my musical hero but an icon, from his music to his sense of style, and we both share Bakersfield roots,” says Annie. “I love that he effortlessly crosses genres, blending everything from country, Americana, rock and latin influences, and it feels like we were able to capture that in this song.”

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