Luke Combs’ unreleased “Plant a Seed” might tug at your heartstrings


It’s no secret that Luke Combs has become quite the sentimental and reflective dad since his sons, Tex and Beau, were born. 

He previously teased the fatherhood-inspired “The Man He Sees in Me” and “Remember Him That Way,” and now he’s sharing another unreleased song, “Plant a Seed.”

“He said don’t you blink/ Soak it up ’cause next thing/ You know you turn around and wonder where your whole life’s gone/ Remember it’s about the journey/ Don’t fill your days with worry/ Sure them youngins drive you crazy but you’ll miss them when they’re grown,” Luke sings in an acoustic guitar-driven verse.

“Oh, time ain’t always your friend/ It starts slow and gets faster toward the end/ So fill up your heart with love/ Pass it on before they go/ And thank the man upstairs that you were there to plant a seed and watch it grow,” he continues in the life-inspired chorus.

No release date has been announced, but you can hear the full clip of “Plant a Seed” on Luke’s Instagram.

Luke is currently on his Growing Up and Getting Old Tour, with upcoming stops in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Washington and more. 

For tickets and Luke’s full tour schedule, visit his website.

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