Travis Denning rolls out debut album, ‘Roads That Go Nowhere’

Courtesy of Mercury Nashville

Travis Denning‘s long-awaited debut album, Roads That Go Nowhere, has arrived. 

Travis co-wrote 12 of the 15 songs, and the project’s one that he says chronicles his life journey, especially the title track.

“The story [of the album’s title track] is a picture into my life and the roads that went nowhere that I went down, and the roads that went somewhere that I’m still on,” Travis tells People. “I knew when I wrote that song that [it was] going to be the theme [of the album].”

“So whether it was life, love, heartbreak, happiness, marriage, where I come from, all those corners of life, I wanted to share all the ones that I had been down. It’s very reflective,” he adds.

Travis also dropped the music video for his HARDY-assisted song “Southern Rock” on Friday.

Of the collab, the Georgia native says, “This record’s about really dropping it on the ground of who I am and this song is the closest to a three minute, thirty-second autobiography that I can write.”

Travis will open for HARDY on select dates of his Quit!! tour. For tickets, head to

Roads That Go Nowhere is out now wherever you listen to music.

Here’s the Roads That Go Nowhere track list:

“Why I’m Drinking”
“I Know How It Sounds
“Better At Leaving
“Strawberry Wine and a Cheap Six Pack”
“Going Places
“Someone That Isn’t Me”
“Southern Rock” (featuring HARDY)
“Love You Past That”
“Things I’m Going Through”
“Add Her To The List”
“Roads That Go Nowhere”
“The Sound of a Beer Getting Cracked” (featuring Josh Ross)
“Can’t Find One”
“Here and Her”
“Ocmulgee River”

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