Scotty McCreery on releasing “Red Letter Blueprint”: “My faith is everything to me”

Jeff Ray/Courtesy of Triple Tigers

Scotty McCreery‘s gearing up for Easter Sunday with his new faith-inspired track, “Red Letter Blueprint.”

Scotty wrote the song with Derek George, Brent Anderson, Jeremy Bussey and Monty Criswell, and it finds Scotty proudly underscoring one of the most important things to him: his Christian faith.

“My faith is everything to me. It’s held me up during my lows, and it’s been with me when I celebrate my highs,” shares Scotty. “This new album was influenced by the rises and falls in my life through the years, so I wanted to sing about what sustains me.”

“I’ve featured songs about my wife and my son, but I also wanted to share a song about my faith,” he continues. “I hope it is comforting to anyone who may need to hear these words.”

Lyrically, “Red Letter Blueprint” follows Scotty’s reflection on life’s ups and downs and how his religion, through the Bible, has been a steadfast anchor.

“Where can you go when you ain’t getting nowhere/ Every turn is a dead-end road/ The rain starts to fall and you’re so lost out there/ Really only one place I know/ When your whole world falls to pieces/ And you don’t know how to build it back/ There’s a red letter blueprint in King James black,” Scotty sings in the chorus with his signature baritone.

You can find “Red Letter Blueprint” on Scotty’s forthcoming fifth album, Rise & Fall. Due out May 10, the 13-track project will also feature its lead single, “Cab in a Solo,” which is now in the top 10 of the country charts.

Come April 20, Scotty will also be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry as a member by Josh Turner.

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