Cody Johnson’s wife, Brandi, is the reason he recorded “The Painter”

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Cody Johnson knows that he can be hard to love, and he doesn’t shy away from that fact.

“I am the hardheaded, hardest guy that I try to build those walls. And I have. I mean, I’ve not always been the easiest guy to deal with,” Cody admits to ABC Audio, adding that he’s a “dominant male cowboy guy” who’s “kind of rough.”

That’s why he’s grateful for his wife Brandi‘s unwavering love and commitment to walking with him through thick and thin.

“My wife has stood beside me through every up, every down, every high, every low, money, no money,” he says. “We’ve been through it all together. We’ve been together over 15 years.”

With so much love and respect for Brandi, Cody personally related to “The Painter” and its lyric, “For every wall I built, she saw a canvas.”

“That’s my wife, that’s Brandi. I mean, she’s got every sunset she’s ever seen memorized. That’s my wife. She can tell you what she wore on the first day of school in the third grade. And I’m like, I don’t remember where I played last week,” shares Cody.

He adds, “When you have somebody in your life that is that inspiring, that is that down, that dedicated to stay and ride for the brand? I mean, I gave this song to her and was like, ‘You’re the reason I’m recording this.'”

“The Painter” is Cody’s latest single, and it’s currently in the top 10 of the country charts. You can find the song on his latest album, Leather.

Coming up, Cody will hit the road on his The Leather Tour. For tickets and a full list of dates, head to Cody’s website.

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