A real-life breakup inspired Bailey’s “Where It Ends”

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville/Elektra Records

If you thought Bailey Zimmerman sounded like he lived the excruciating breakup in “Where It Ends,” you’re right.

The burgeoning country star recently recounted how his lived-through emotions seeped into the writing and recording session of his new single.

“At the time when I recorded ‘Where It Ends’ and I went in to actually do a song, I wrote the whole thing with two of my buddies, so I had a piece in all of those lyrics,” says Bailey. “It was very easy to go into the studio because those were the emotions I had.”

“I’m still pretty pissed about it, man. Like, that was a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted energy and love on somebody that didn’t love me,” he adds. “So, going into the studio, it was like I was talking right to her when I was singing this song.”

You can find “Where It Ends” on Bailey’s debut effort, Religiously. The Album.

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