Dierks Bentley gives daughter Evie driving lesson


When Dierks Bentley is off the road, he’s carrying out duties as the head of the house. Sometimes, that includes driving his children to school, and other times, it’s teaching them how to drive.

Dierks shared an Instagram video on October 24 of him giving his 14-year-old daughter, Evie, driving lessons. “Driving lessons with @eviedayb8 begin [facepalm emoji],” he writes in the caption.

The clip opens with Evie remaking, “OK. Gas, break, gas, break, gas. OK,” to which he responds, “Where’s my break?” with a face-palm and a look of horror.

He then tells Evie to push the brake before shifting the gear to drive. She stumbles a little before finally driving the car forward.

“This is so cool, this is so cool!” Evie notes. Her dad then replies in slight trepidation and jest, “Yeah, so cool.”

The full video is up on Dierks’ Instagram.

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