Carrie Underwood enjoys being “creative” on her Guns N’ Roses shows


Carrie Underwood‘s been opening for Guns N’ Roses on several of their stateside dates, and she’s enjoying every minute of it, be it onstage or offstage.

“I think the things I look forward to most are obviously, like watching their show (laughs) and being around them, but it’s just such a fun vibe,” shares Carrie. “Their fans are absolutely incredible and so supportive and just have been so much fun [from] everything that I’ve seen from them.”

As a performer, Carrie’s also enjoying changing up her set list from her usual country tours. 

“I wanted to be me, but I also wanted to bridge the gap between me and Guns N’ Roses a little bit, so we’re just having a blast with it. I’m doing some cover songs of some rock stuff that I love. I’m mashing up some of my songs with some other songs,” she says.

“We just look at it as an opportunity to be creative and get to do something we’ve never done before; just have a good time with it,” adds the global superstar.

Carrie’s next show with Guns N’ Roses will be on August 26 at Nashville’s GEODIS Park.

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