Brett Young earned Tim McGraw’s praise for his cover of “Don’t Take The Girl”

Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

Brett Young recently put his spin on Tim McGraw‘s 1994 hit, “Don’t Take The Girl.”

Speaking with ET Online recently, Brett shared Tim’s reaction to his version, which, thankfully, was filled with praise.

“We got to send it to Tim when we finished it. Tim said, ‘He sings his butt off. Great work.’ And that was good for me,” Brett recounts with a smile.

Now that Brett’s got Tim’s stamp of approval, the next thing on his bucket list is to record a song together with the country icon. 

“I think the only way to get that done is to do something that he’s excited about doing with me,” Brett shares. “So I will strive to either write that song or find that song.”

You can find Brett’s version of “Don’t Take The Girl” on his latest album, Across The Sheets, out now.

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