Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey + Brad Tursi weren’t big fans of school

ABC/Larry McCormack

With August being back-to-school month in several states, Old Dominion‘s sharing with ABC Audio some core memories from their academic years.

“I was not good in school,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey quickly admits.

“When I think about back in school, I think about, like, high school,” shares Brad Tursi. “And when I think about high school, I actually think about sneaking out of the school.”

As Brad recalls, his sneaking-out escapades were often aided by a Mazda Miata.

“There used to be this guy, this officer, and he would sit at one end of the entrance and then the other entrance was chained off. But my buddies had a Mazda Miata so we could lift up the chain,” he recounts, before breaking out in laughter. “Anyway, great breakfast burritos out there just on the other side of the school.”

Old Dominion’s forthcoming new album, Memory Lane, arrives October 6, and can be presaved and preordered now.

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