Miranda Lambert on her cookbook + family: “I hope people relate their stories to ours”

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If the kitchen’s where you bond with your loved ones, you’re not alone.

ABC Audio recently spoke to Miranda Lambert about her cookbook Y’all Eat Yet?: Welcome to the Pretty B****in’ Kitchen, and it’s clear that the kitchen’s also where she bonds with her grandmother, mother and her mother’s close friends.

“The Pretty B****in kitchen is definitely a place where you solve the world’s problems while chopping an onion,” Miranda notes with a laugh. “This book is kind of our version of ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Casserole dishes.’ It’s fun. There [are] stories about my childhood. And I mean, I’ve known these women that sort of taught me everything for my whole life.”

In fact, these same women continue to be there for Miranda today when she’s on and off the road, through some good ole southern food, of course.

“Here I am living my dream and they’re always at shows and they’re always so, so supportive and bringing stuff by the bus that’s home-cooked, which is nice sometimes when you’re on the road for days and days,” Miranda says. “So, I hope people relate their own stories to ours.” 

To purchase Miranda’s Y’all Eat Yet?: Welcome to the Pretty B****in’ Kitchen, visit harpercollins.com.

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