Eric Church believes CMA Fest is what “makes country music unique”

ABC/Larry McCormack

Ask Eric Church what distinguishes country music from other genres, and he’ll tell you it’s CMA Fest.

“Well, I think it’s what makes country music unique. Find me another format that happens in, it’s just not something that happens,” Eric notes. “I think it’s because country music is the one format where the fans…the music is really about them. And we’re them; we’re not different than them.”

“We’re not a lot of the rock stars and a lot of the other guys where they’re their own person, they’re their own agenda…they’re not like the people that are listening to them,” he explains. “It’s different in country, we are. We come from there, we are that.”

“I think it’s just a great thing for them to be able to come to our town and to get just this barrage of music,” adds the “Springsteen” hitmaker.

You can catch Eric’s performance of “Smoke a Little Smoke” and “Bad Mother Trucker” on CMA Fest this Wednesday, July 19, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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