HARDY and sister Madison had a “pretty crazy” career flip: “I definitely followed in her footsteps”

ABC/Larry McCormack

With several awards under his belt, HARDY‘s fast become one of Nashville’s most in-demand songwriters. He’s also notched his own chart-topping hits as an artist, with the latest being “wait in the truck” with Lainey Wilson.

Singing and writing songs wasn’t the career path HARDY had in mind, however. As he recalls, it was his sister, Madison Hardy Dennis, who had first moved to Nashville with the artist dream.

“I definitely followed in her footsteps,” HARDY says. “When we were kids, like when I was 6 years old to literally 15, 16, she was — I wouldn’t call myself the black sheep — but she was the golden child. She was the singer and she won competitions and had opportunities and did this whole thing. And then she moved to Nashville.”

“Shortly after a couple of years into her moving to Nashville, I had written a couple of songs and was singing a little bit, and she basically called me and said, ‘Hey, there’s this thing called a publishing deal if you ever wanted to move to Nashville to try to write songs.’ And then that’s when it all started,” recounts HARDY.

“It was a pretty crazy flip that kind of happened out of nowhere. I think even my parents and everybody were like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ It sort of just worked out,” HARDY continues. “[Madison] has been nothing but supportive of me and has not ever looked back on her, like, wanting to be a singer.”

While Madison’s now a makeup artist and owner of the Nashville-based MHD Beauty Parlour, she occasionally joins HARDY onstage for his performance of “One Beer.” So if you’re lucky, you might catch that at an upcoming show.

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