Jordan Davis is a big believer in authenticity: “You got to stay true to the songs that mean a lot to you”

ABC/Connie Chornuk

With six career chart-toppers under his belt, one thing’s become significantly easier for Jordan Davis: creating set lists.

“Hits are great. When people know the songs, it makes making set lists a lot easier,” Jordan tells the press backstage at this year’s CMA Fest. “I think tonight we’re playing for 30 minutes and I can remember when 30 minutes was a tough set list to fill out, and we usually had some covers in there. Now we’re playing 30 minutes and we’re leaving a couple of songs that we really want to play off.”

While notching number-one hits is great, Jordan says the pursuit of it should not dictate the songs he chooses to record as an artist.

“I still think you got to stay true to the songs that mean a lot to you,” the “Next Thing You Know” hitmaker says. “Maybe they’re not the singles, or maybe they’re not the [ones] that everybody goes to. But I think just as a writer and as an artist, you get to play those songs that mean a lot to you and show the fans a little bit more than just what the radio might be playing.”

Jordan’s currently on tour with Dierks Bentley on Dierks’ Gravel & Gold Tour. Tickets are available now at

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