Chayce Beckham recalls being mobbed by a bachelorette party in Nashville: “It was very traumatic”

ABC/Eric McCandless

Bachelorette parties have become synonymous with Nashville’s Broadway scene. Every weekend, groups of bridesmaids land on the streets of Music City USA to enjoy the bars, party buses and infamous paddle taverns.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, American Idol season 19 winner Chayce Beckham crossed paths with them when he arrived in town after the show, albeit unexpectedly.

“I was in a hotel, The Graduate Hotel in Nashville, after Idol and I was meeting the record label. All the bridesmaids were in town. I was in the elevator going down to get some Popeyes chicken that I ordered to the lobby, and I got mobbed by, like, 20 bridesmaids,” Chayce recalls to ABC Audio. “They, like, attacked me. It was very traumatic [and] traumatizing.”

He attempted to avoid the impromptu meet-and-greet by pretending he wasn’t Chayce Beckham, but his Popeyes order gave him in.

“I told them I wasn’t Chayce and then I got the chicken and the guy was like, ‘Is this chicken for Chayce?’ And they’re like, ‘We knew that you were Chayce!’ It was a whole thing. But that was rough. I got back upstairs [and] I was like, ‘Mom, I don’t want to go back out there,'” he adds with a laugh. 

Chayce is on the road with Luke Bryan this summer on Luke’s Country On Tour and Farm Tour 2023. 

His current single, “23,” is #34 and rising on the country charts.

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