Morgan Wallen’s son bit by beloved dog, family seeks new home for pet


Morgan Wallen‘s 2-year-old son, Indigo, had a scary encounter when he was bitten in the face by a dog owned by his mother, KT Smith.

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face and [he] had to have stitches and we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” Smith said in an Instagram Story on Monday, June 19.

She went on to explain that she’s been told to put the Great Pyrenees down, but she “just couldn’t bring myself to what everyone else says and what you’re supposed to do.”

“I knew in my heart that he does not deserve that because he is wonderful and could do really great with a family who doesn’t have small children,” Smith explained. “I don’t want him to go to a kill shelter or nothing like that and shelters are full.”

She expressed her love for the pooch and acknowledged his good nature towards adults, but felt it necessary to prioritize her son’s well-being.

Despite the ordeal, KT assured her followers that Indigo is okay and his physical scars will be minimal.

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