Corey Kent’s a big fan of dad jokes

Omar Vega/Getty Images

There are “three tiers” to dad jokes, according to country singer, father of three and avid dad-jokes fan Corey Kent.

“Tier one usually starts when you have your first kid. Some people are advanced and start at tier one even before they have kids, but it’s very rare,” explains Corey. “Tier one, you repeat the dad jokes that you’ve always heard, and repeat them with some confidence, and you’re usually laughing before everybody else.”

“Tier Two is [when] you’ve now probably had your second kid and gained the ability to put your own twist on the original dad jokes to make them unique,” he continues. “You’ve contained the urge to laugh a slight second longer and making it kind of awkward and forcing other people to laugh, either at you or with you.”

“The third tier is usually after kid three. This is where I’m at, not meaning to brag, but I’m definitely tier three,” Corey declares. “This is where you can now on the spot, come up with your own dad jokes. They’re magical. It’s like wizardry.”

“At this point, you’re a pro. You now have the option to laugh before everyone and nobody laughs or you can make the pause so painfully awkward [that] people actually have to laugh to let you move on to the next sentence,” he notes. “So tier three is where you want to be.”

Corey notched his first #1 hit with “Wild As Her” in May. The track is featured on his Sony Music Nashville debut album, Blacktop, which dropped in June.

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