Scotty McCreery taps GUSI for Latin mix of “Why She Gotta Be Like That”

Triple Tigers

Scotty McCreery has enlisted Colombian singer/songwriter GUSI for a new Latin version of his song “Why She Gotta Be Like That.”

Originally titled “Why You Gotta Be Like That” on his 2021 album Same Truck, the fresh remake features Scotty singing the first half in English before GUSI arrives in the second verse and chorus with his Spanish delivery. Toward the end, the two come together to mix it up with both English and Spanish in the bridge and chorus.

“I’ve always thought it would be fun to bring the Latin part of my heritage into some of my music,” shares Scotty, who is a quarter Puerto Rican. “I met GUSI after hearing him perform ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’ on Instagram. It is always flattering to have someone cover one of your songs, and he’s so talented so I asked him if he would want to bring some Latin flavor to the track.”

“He brought so much to it,” adds Scotty. “It was so much fun to do a new take on this song as a duet with GUSI, so we decided to call this version ‘Why She Gotta Be Like That.'”

“I am very grateful to Scotty and his team for inviting me to participate in this song,” says GUSI. “For me it gives me pride to collaborate with him, since I admire his music a lot. Additionally I have grown up listening to country music and recording this song with this great performer was more than I imagined.”

“Why She Gotta Be Like That” is out on all digital music platforms now.

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