Alan Jackson invites Jon Pardi to join the Grand Ole Opry

Monica Schipper / Staff

Jon Pardi was invited to be a Grand Ole Opry member on Friday, April 28, during his Stagecoach set in Indio, California. 

Jon received the invitation after his friend and famed restaurateur Guy Fieri set up the anticipation on stage, then directed his attention to the screen behind them. That’s when a recorded video of Alan Jackson‘s surprise invitation was broadcast.

“The Grand Ole Opry has always meant a whole lot to me and everybody in country music,” opened Alan. “And I’ve been appreciating your music ever since you were touring with me a few years ago. And so, I get the honor to invite you in front of all your Stagecoach friends out there to be the first man from California to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

Visibly shocked and moved, Jon responded, “I moved to Nashville chasing a dream at 22 years old and now I’m here. I love you guys and I love country music. Thank you, everybody. This is an amazing night. I’ll never forget it.”

“I always wondered how this might happen if it was going to. I never imagined anything this great. That was incredible,” he added.

Jon will be the first California native to be a member at the Grand Ole Opry. His induction date will be announced soon. 

If you missed it, watch the invitation on Jon’s Instagram.

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