Matthew McConaughey is proud to call Kenny Chesney a friend

Lisette M. Azar/CBS

“Alright, alright, alright.” Here’s one thing we know: Matthew McConaughey is a longtime fan and friend of Kenny Chesney.

Kenny recently headlined the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation’s 2023 TEX Gala. But just before he took the stage, he got an epic introduction from Matthew. 

“So this next guy I’m going to introduce is many things. He’s a poet, some of y’all know that. He’s also a pirate, yes we know that. He’s a hell of a performer, we know that. He sold out tons of records, he’s played in plenty of stadiums. But the reason I’m up here to introduce him tonight is because he’s also someone I call a friend. Someone that my family can call a friend,” Matthew shares.

“He’s also supported our foundation for years. There’s been many times where I was in a pinch and gave him a call and he was like, ‘What do you need? I’ll be there,’ and he came. He’s also someone that I’ve had damn good time chasing some sunrises with until the early morning hours,” adds the prolific actor. 

To watch Matthew’s introduction of Kenny in full, visit Kenny’s Twitter.

Kenny is currently on the road on his 2023 I Go Back Tour. For a full list of dates, visit his website.

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