Justin Moore recalls the first impression he had of Priscilla Block

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As a touring artist and father of four, Justin Moore admits he doesn’t have time to keep up with new artists. For a period of time, that even included his “You, Me, And Whiskey” duet partner, Priscilla Block.

“I’m terrible. I’m like the old fuddy-duddy that has no idea,” Justin tells ABC Audio. “It’s no disrespect to anybody. I just don’t keep up. And I have four kids and I’m always running in a thousand different directions. And so, I just don’t have a chance to jump into that stuff like I would like to or used to be able to.”

Fortunately, a chance guitar pull ended up putting Justin and Priscilla on the same stage. That introductory moment, as Justin recalls, left him completely floored by Priscilla’s vocal prowess.

“I was like, ‘Good God, she sings her a** off!’ And she had really, really good songs, really clever songs,” the “Small Town USA” singer says. What impressed him further was Priscilla’s ability to “hold [her] own” despite being surrounded by chart-topping artists. 

“[When] you don’t have any hits yet and you’re up there with three or four artists that are playing number one after number one after number one, to be able to hold your own, not only hold your own but stand out in that situation, is really impressive,” shares Justin. 

“You, Me, And Whiskey” is currently number 26 and rising on the country charts. The track will be featured on Justin’s upcoming album, Stray Dog, arriving May 5.

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