General Contest Rules


Each contest and promotion by Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC. has its unique set of rules, however, the following general contest rules will apply to virtually every contest:

  1.  There will be certain age requirements to participate in contests and to accept and use certain prizes.   This will be determined based on the requirements or prizes of each individual contest.  Where necessary valid photo ID will be required as a proof of the age of the participant.
  2. In every contest, no purchase will be necessary to participate or win.
  3. All contests are void where prohibited by law.
  4. All contestants are responsible for taxes related to their prizes.   Any contestant who wins prizes valued at $600 or more will be required to complete an IRS W-9 form certifying his or her social security number and will receive an IRS 1099 form as of the end of that year.
  5. Participants understand and agree that Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC. and all radio stations owned and operated by Mississippi Broadcasters,LLC. , as well as other contest sponsors may use for advertising and promotional purposes the participant’s name, voice, image, video, photo submission, other entry materials and/or biographical information on the radio, television, print media, internet and other media.
  6. There cannot be any persons from the same household winning more than once in a 30 day period.
  7. All persons must participate in behalf of themselves only and not in behalf of someone else. And all persons must use their legal name that corresponds to their legal identification.
  8. It is important for all participants to read and follow individual contest rules closely.   Participants can be disqualified for not following the rules.  Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC. reserves the right to change rules at any time and has final authority on any question related to rules or discrepancies, conflicts or areas of confusion.   Additionally, all participants must meet date and time deadlines associated with individual contests and acceptance of certain prizes in order to remain eligible to participate and to prevent forfeiture of prizes.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, prizes are to be accepted as is and cannot be substituted for cash or prizes of equal value and right to receive a prize cannot be transferred to another person by the original winner.   If a winning participant chooses not to accept a prize, that participant still may not win again within 30 days.
  10. All persons participating in Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC. contests will release from liability and hold harmless Mississippi Broadcasters, LLC. (dba The Radio People and WOKK-FM, WJXM-FM, WJDQ-FM, WZKS-FM and WYHL-AM), its owners, employees, sponsors, any affiliated companies, successors or assigns from any claim or loss associated with participating in a contest or from the use of any prize won in a contest.
  11. With many contests, contestants and winners will be required to sign a release of liability (see item 9 above), prior to participating or accepting prizes.